Friday, April 29, 2011

Illustration Friday: LESSON

There is a lesson to be learned from a rose that breaks through a concrete...

Everyone I know well or have recently acquainted has been struggling more than usual. Going through some incredible life changing experiences.
Battling with a serious illness (G-d forbid), stress, financial issues...
Depression due to just things going wrong.
Unexpected outcomes despite all the hard work one puts in.
Natural disasters continuing to occur worldwide...

Whatever belief or religion we do or don't  follow, however we react to our challenging situations, we HAVE TO  remember even a motionless heartless concrete can crack open and let a life sprouts through.
We have to have faith...

I drew this in 2006  for Dr. Sherry Reiter's poetry therapy seminar, based around Tupac Shakur's poem.

I challenge everyone this week to look around:

How many miracles can you see?


  1. Fabulous and heartfelt post. Such a great remind; faith can move mountains, but it takes time. Beautiful illo as usual. Such a talent.

  2. Pretty metaphor for blossoming from a concrete environment.

    I love the overhead POV, it feels like the rose is reaching out over the edge of the world.

    Looks like it has a successor coming in right behind it.

    Like the name change to the blog. :)

  3. Beautiful. Miracles are everywhere, if you know how to look. Even in difficult times.

    I also love the new name for the blog =)

  4. I have seen plants grow in the middle of the street from a little crack, amazing. This is very effective lesson and a great execution. Malka, I need to pay you a longer visit. I have not been here for a while. I need to catch up. Thank you for your visits and comments. I appreciate them and you very much! Thank you!!!

  5. so true, we do need to stop and look once in a while. I'ts a pity, though, that those tough little creatures are often considered weed and unwanted by most; I on the other hand have too trouble throwing out a plant even long after it's dead! ;)
    Hey Malka, thanks for comenting on my blog - I'd love to do an art card swap, but you've got to tell me the rules because I'm totally cluless! :)

  6. Beautiful post. Wishing you the best in your current difficulties!


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