Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where have I been? .....Asleep

Hello everyone.
I am weeks behind Illustration Friday and it just so happens that this week's theme is "Asleep".
Yes, my pens have been asleep as I have been busy caring for my lil' ones while trying to get used to my new part time job. I started working as an Art Teacher, out of all things, in all girls yeshiva. Who knew?
It came out of the blue and now I am challenged to come up with weekly arts and crafts projects for grades from Pre-1A to 8th.
I never taught art before. To my surprise, I felt like I have always done it and both teachers and students were happy. Thumbs Up!
It is quite a psychological challenge as well. I increased my  respect for all the teachers out there ! So if anyone has a petition to sign for teachers to be respected and paid more, I'll be glad to sign it!

Bellow is my IF entry for this week. I love babies and I so I draw them.
This is an ACEO card, drawn with archival Sakura Pigma Micro Pens on acid free Strathmore Vellum paper. You can find more of my ACEO's here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Forward Update

At last one my Art Forward winners received their card together with requested Name Keepsake for Art Exchange. Everyone that has commented on my Art Forward post will be contacted soon. Please bare with me. Things have been hectic around here...

Jennifer N. Bower's Art Forward and Art Exchange (custom designed name keepsake):

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