Monday, April 11, 2011

Name Keepsake: Sivan Noa

I am soo behind in my assigmnets.
I have been working forever on name keepsakes for a relative.
They are being delivered way behind the promised time and I feel so bad....
Sometimes mixture of circumstances and artist's block prevents us from performing the way we'd like.
Being a working mom by day and an artist by night...I find it  impossible to set priorities.
How does one prioritize priorities?
When every issue I am facing has to be resolved RIGHT NOW, my head is spinning to say the least.
Does that happen to everyone?

An old Jewish saying goes: "If you want to make G-d laugh, tell him what your plans are."
So I just have to give in to the will of the Creator, and hope, the recipients will like my work so much, they will forgive me for its delay.

So below is my name keepsake for a little girl, that was designed days after she was born, drawn around last year's summertime, accidentally been damaged,  has been redrawn  two months ago, finished this weekend and  is being shipped off today, couple months after her first birthday.

I truly hope though, it will be treasured forever.
Copyright © 2011 Malka Michaela Barshishat, All Rights Reserved.

 I really really enjoyed drawing it!

Materials: Micron archival markers and Strathmore Bristol Vellum acid free paper.


  1. Oh my gaaaaaaaad! This is so beautiful! I just love it! Ugh, now I feel insecure about what I drew for you. I will have to think about something else.

  2. You? Insecure? I feel sooo honored to have a drawing from you Ces!!
    You remind me of what my mom used to tell me when I was a little girl: How I should cherish every art related thing I own, because when she was a child, paper was scarce, and when she drew, she says she used every little bit of it. Even the other side. No white space left.
    You a re so "go green", nothing to waste!
    You cover every millimeter. Fascinating!
    Do you just stipple everything? I can't wait to see what you drew! ♥

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. The detail is phenomenal.

  4. Oh, I love love love this!!! It is perfect for a baby girl, whether she is a newborn or a year old!

  5. Wonderful! Detail, butterfly, and wee lil' Malka~ Your namesake, and our relatives will love, love it and let G-d laugh! As a teacher, I always thought if my students were laughing at me they were at least getting something. xoxo, p

  6. Ooops, meant to write "your" relatives...then I'm such a mutt, they also could be mine somewhere down the line!

  7. LOL, Penny, you crack me up.
    I was deciphering your post for a minute before I read further..
    We all come from a One earth and One G-d, sister! :)


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