Monday, April 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: DUET

This illo was inspired by a photo of twins.
When I think of duet, I imagine the perfection of two little heartbeats in mommy's tummy.
Complimenting each others rhythms. Synchronized...
And continuing to do so even after birth.


  1. Awwww - how sweet.
    A simple and beautiful piece :)

  2. Beautiful. I love their pouty, puff-mouthed, sleeping faces.

  3. Love the contrast of the two colors with the simple line work :)

  4. So beautiful! And what a wonderful way to illustrate "Duet"!

  5. Fabulous! And I love how their hats join together!

  6. Malka, I'm with everyone above, fabulous, beautiful, and cuteness! They remind me of puppies. Nice work. P

  7. I love their woolly hats and chubby arms!

  8. I love, love this Malka! 2 “loves” for duet :o)

  9. this is SO adorable and realistic, you are very talented! I am a nanny to twins, and it is quite true, they are so in-tune to each other, from birth and beyond! It is so fun to watch them communicate, play and love on each other, they are real sweethearts.

    My husband's family is mostly Czech, so it is fun to see someone of similar heritage on the blogosphere! :) Your art is beautiful!


    ~Just a Girl

  10. Twins are a fascinating subject. You really captured the feeling of knitted hats very well. What do you use for drawing?

  11. Thank you all so much!! The credit should be given to the photographer who inspired this image.
    It was just asking to be drawn.
    It is sitting above my desk and I can't stop looking at it!
    Just the innocence, that absence of pretense, the simplicity of just being.
    And content with one another.
    @ Rubin: Micron archival markers and for color, Faber Castell watercolor pencils.

  12. Very sweet. Just want to kiss those little cheeks.


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