Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Forward Update

At last one my Art Forward winners received their card together with requested Name Keepsake for Art Exchange. Everyone that has commented on my Art Forward post will be contacted soon. Please bare with me. Things have been hectic around here...

Jennifer N. Bower's Art Forward and Art Exchange (custom designed name keepsake):


  1. Such beautiful art!

    I'm actually glad you are taking longer - will make me feel better if my art forward takes some time to complete!

  2. I love love the lettering! :D

  3. oh my goodness, this is wonderful! I love all the detail. yum. ;) I read up about the art exchange (thanks for the link) and am ready to start right away!(no rush, though - you seem a little stressed?) Are we still talking aceo cards? Is there a theme?

  4. I love that horse. It feels like he's moving. A very expressive and beautiful work.


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