Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: Cultivate

Nothing material lasts forever.
Also spiritually we are changing as we grow, mature and encounter series of hardships in our lives.
Last week's IF theme "Cultivate" seemed perfectly chosen during those trouble-some times on our planet Earth.
One small ball of air, water and land, spinning fearlessly in the vast universe, and it's inhabitants are at each others necks since the beginning of time...

I invite you to watch this wonderful video of  Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman,  an elder of the Dakota Sioux, preceded by a short article.

We come from Earth and as Earth changes, we change.
And as we change, we affect the Earth.
If people believe in the prophecies of the coded Bible/ Torah or not, noone cannot deny the fact, that the inevitable changes to Earth are taking place right now. That we have abused her resources for decades, and only realize it now.
And we suffer the consequences and 'she' is changing.

My  artist friend Rubin Pingk has hooked me on Art Exchange project, that I am going to participate in. (More about that coming up soon.)
I made my first ever ACEO card last night. Inspired by combination of the IF theme, the video above and Rubin's project.
I have chosen an excerpt for the ACEO from my original drawing I made in 2006, titled "Potential", you can find it here.

I still didn't buy new camera since my old one is totaled, so the image is scanned in. The background is water colored w/ sprinkles of salt to bring out the texture. The colors are sooo much more vivid in reality and the drawing much sharper. Until I get new camera, this must do.


  1. I love this illo...and i enjoyed reading your thoughts on the earth, too.
    One of my personal favorite quotes:
    "Don't treat the soil like dirt."

  2. Thank you Pam!
    Great quote LOL.
    I should make a drawing with that quote in it!

  3. I like both this and the original one very much! They really look and somehow feel "organic".

  4. Ah! Patience and perseverance. Hahaha! I lost my three paragraph-comment. Might as well. Blogger was perhaps telling me I was talking too much.

    Sunch a thoughtful image. So full of hope. I love the seedling, delicate yet so full of potential!

  5. And then I was in a hurry with this one before it timed out. SUCH! Have a wonderful evening and PEACE in this month of Purim.

  6. Oh goodness! You changed your background! I love the new design!

    See I made u for the lost paragraphs but hardly as thoughtful.

  7. Your work is joyous and full of life! Not at all a static, but active and growing.

  8. I love it!!It's such a nice combination the beautiful textured background with the strong image of cultivate, so awesome :)

  9. Love this work of art!! The colors are amazing!!


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