Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am back!

OK. So last IF topic was WARNING!
And guess what.
That Friday morning I was looking up some warning signs of animals on Flicker, when suddenly (coincidentally?) I got "Warning" signs all over my screen.
I got virus!
My computer hardware shut down too and though I have McAffee, nothing worked.
Dear Dell personnel, outsourcing from I guess India, sent me a technician twice. Changed my hardrive twice, played around with my computer and almost 2 wks later! made it work only after talking me into buying an extra software protection plan..
No, I tried e.t. there was no way to go around it.
Geek Squad or anyone else would charge me the same just for one time service. At least I am covered for a year.
Boy are we hooked on technology!
I canceled my TV 6 mos ago., too much of nothing going on for my money, I rather spend my evenings drawing. But now without even the computer I felt so cut off from the world.

Thank you for checking on me, Rubin. I have reemerged. It's now 1:30 am in NYC and I am exhausted from being on the phone with Dell for 4hrs! I am going to sleep!

New artwork coming up soon...


  1. Don't know why says "posted 10:27 pm" I am on easteren time ..

  2. McAfee is the WORST!!!! Their software is notorious for seizing computers and creating total hard drive failure. Use AVG. Stay away from McAfee, Norton & Symantec. McAfee has alliances with credit card companies and utilites (ie. phones, internet) If the credit card you have on file with them expires because of their alliance with the credit card they can get your updated info and auto renew your subscription without your authorization. How do I know? Had it happen personally and at work. Our IT guy has told us what to stay away from. Good luck getting back up and running. Sorry to hear all that happened. I remember how frustrating it is.

  3. Hi Jennifer.
    Thanx soo much for your comment.
    Unbelievable! Definitely will look into it today!
    I suspected of course that they all "work" together. Such crooks! I almost lost all my family pics since my kids were born. For what? - Someone to put money in their pocket.
    It's sick.
    I hope next year there won't be the same problem with AVG...

  4. Cool. I was worried something might've happened. Glad you're back!

  5. I went out and bought a back up drive for my computer after reading all this. Worth the money I didn't really have to spend for that extra reassurance. I look forward to seeing you back up and running soon and thanks for the really neat comment on my blog last week. It is nice to know someone out there can relate.

  6. Yes. That was also highly recommended to me. Next thing I gotta do. Glad you did it!!
    Believe it or not, I had other issues w the software this week, so only 30 min ago, today Dell fiiinaly made it fully work. :Z

    When I wrote this post, e.t. appeared OK and suddenly I couldn't print and enter some sites and download stuff..but finally I got someone who KNEW what they r doing and made it all run.
    The good that came out of it? I got to do lots of zentangling. My new discovery and sooo my cup of tea. I'll post s.t soon.


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