Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to my blog.

Why Memories of Trees?
Yes, I am a big Enya fan and Memory of Trees is my favorite song of hers...
The true is that as a child, whenever I doodled, it was always trees, (while sitting on trees) and during drawing those amazing creations, I dreamed of being an artist, a real artist, that creates works which will make people feel good, like a relaxing song.
Music can change someone's mood. Painting or drawing can do the same.

Being a busy mom, I do not yet have my own art studio to retreat to. Just a desk, dining room table,  a drawing board on my lap and empty walls in my house or someone else's to paint on.
I have managed though to have some of my work published, but there's much more I yet have to learn.
I am amazed by the computer age that enables artists to share their work, gratefull to watch free art lessons, and  talented works of others.
I have decided to put together this blog, where I can share my work and get some constructive criticism and words of encouragement from fellow artists.

Thank you G-d, H-shem, the creator of the world and all the living things, who has gifted me with two "golden" hands.
And I'd would also like to thank all those people who ever hired me to paint their walls, and all my friends who ever admired my creations and who keep on "bugging" me to make it public.

This is for YOU and because of YOU!
For helping me remember my trees.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Great job! You are so talented, creative and hard working - big inspiration for me! :-* ZU from Praha:-)

  2. Love it! ...the joyful look on granny's face and the enormous size of her wooly friend!

  3. I love your alpaca supplying grandma's need, it is wonderful. Welcome to blogland, I'm sure you will receive some fantastic feedback.

  4. Looking forward to blogging with you!


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