Monday, February 28, 2011

"Fish & Birds" - Sketchbook Challenge, Feb. 2011

Here is my first Sketchbook Challenge.
I do own a sketchbook, although I draw in it once in a blue moon.
I use my printer paper for most of my stuff. Yes, non archival....I'll get more organized soon.
I am happy I found this challenge blog. Between this monthly task and weekly IF, it's just about what I can keep up with for now, even there is just so much more to sign up to! I am looking forward to adding more.
I decided that I do have a chance to be drawn (randomly) as one of the 2000-something people, to win some art supplies, that I so need, so I submitted this picture, just minutes before deadline. We'll see.

The theme this month was "Opposites".
So of course I first thought of my black pen on white paper. And then fish vs. birds, swim vs. flight, far vs. near, circle vs. triangle...
So I took out my sketchbook... and added to it (1 yr later).
I love color,  but my Sony camera got destroyed by my toddler's spilled apple juice and I haven't yet  bought a new one to take pictures of my watercolors. Scanner eats all the color up. :(

It is obviously just a sketch.. perhaps I will add to it or redo it in the future. Suggestions are welcome.

( I admire M.C.Escher..he has no comparison!)


  1. Hi Malka!
    just wanted to pop by and say "hello" and a BIG "thankyou" for your lovely comment on my blog :) Its lovely to "meet" you!
    I hope the blogging world treats you well..Its been a wonderul experience so far for me..just so much amazing support out there!
    Lovely to see you artwork too, love the black and white work, really striking! I look forward to seeing more of your creations :)x

  2. Very nice! I love M.C. Escher also.

    At the bottom right there it almost looked like the fish could turn into frogs?

    Very sad about the camera...


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