Monday, February 14, 2011

Illustration Friday: Sweater

This is my second IF drawing.
Also found on flicker among my other works.
The first one I did was last week. You can find it here.

The initial idea that came to my mind was a person sweating, but that didn't intrigue me enough to draw. Second thing was a llama. I love alpaca wool. So soft. And here is the drawing. 
There is just something so serene about a knitting grandma. And this idea makes knitting "green". :)
No dying. No processing. No balls of yarn with printed labels...
The original drawing has a bit of a color. The sweater is actually sepia and so are the flowers the lama is eating. But I couldn't scan in the colored version well, the BW came out much better.
Thank you for looking.


  1. I love pen and ink too. This drawing is so much fun to look at, and your others on flickr are also great!

  2. Great concept, and I love the granny. :)

  3. Oh my! This made me laugh! I really like your pen and ink style.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments.
    All of your works are fantastic and inspiring! I really appreciate your feedback! ♥

  5. What a neat drawing! I love the "green" aspect of it, too =)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love your drawing...the llama and the grandma look equally content!

  7. Biggest ball of yarn around! :D This is the kind of drawing that is so easy to imagine next to a short story or poem, great work!

  8. It is my pleasure to meet you! Please stay! Love your pen and ink.

  9. Very clever.

    That is one bear of an alpaca.

  10. Great idea. I love the expression on the woman's face.


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