Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am back!!

Hallo everyone!
I am back!!!
I haven't posted since August!!! Seven long months!
Where have I been? Some of you know, I made a major transition in my life and for a long list of reasons have relocated my family from Brooklyn, NY to Netanya, Israel.
Transferring children to school, packing, organizing, tooons of paperwork and tens of meetings and two long months of chronic cough "pampered" with two sets of antibiotics, due to stress and climate change.
This experience would need a blog of it's own!
However, I am back to drawing and my first official assignment is designing a wedding invitation for my brother in law, who shall walk under the chupah two months from now. BS"D
I had made some sketches of his lovely bride. It has not been decided yet if the image will stay black and white or will be colored in. I played with it using  Gimp, but would like to try watercolor as well..
I am still new to painting using computer graphics. I know much more could be done.. We will see where this will go. But the Black and white is just classic!
I am really happy with it.


Here is a sneak peak :

                                                 © 2012 Malka M. Barshishat

© 2012 Malka M. Barshishat

                                          © 2012 Malka M. Barshishat


  1. Welcome back! The b/w is phenomenal and in my humble opinion where you excel. Can't beat the depth and detail in that glorious image.

    1. Thank you Jen!
      I love the b&w. It will be a whole page, this is just a corner of the rectangular image.
      I love color and am trying to figure out how to implement it into my images..I am always afraid to add it.
      Glad to be back! :)


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