Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kotel ha-Ma'aravi - "Western Wall" in Jerusalem

First third of summer is behind us.. Work work work....Another year with/out vacation..
As I am eagerly awaiting the results of the map competition I have completed a mural I was hired for in the yeshiva, where I started my teaching job in June.
The school director has requested a painting of Kotel, Western Wall in Jerusalem.
I have completed it in a week and I don't even know how..

When it comes to walls, I really never know what happens.
Unless someone requests something very specific and I have to do a full color sketch prior to the painting, I paint directly on the wall, just looking at pictures for reference.
People ask me all the time, how do I do it, and the answer is, I really don't know, it's all G-d.
He gave me this gift and I constantly feel not good enough as I have no training in painting what so ever, besides books and few art classes I took as a child.
It's just something I love to do. No rules what so ever. I put colors and lines and shapes just where they feel right. Can't explain it. But I am sure many if not all artists out there know what I am talking about.

When it comes to walls, I have worked with an interior decorative painting company for several years, called Evolving Image until I had to stop, because I was busy being a mom. I learned to do a variety of faux finishes, like glazing, ragging and sponging. Strie, gilding, furniture painting, faux stone and wood designs, venitian plaster, Tromp l'oeil and much more. Many of their murals that you will find in their portfolio I have worked on, you can find them in my own gallery as well.

I am happy when I get to do murals once in a while.
I feel at home amidst the smells of paints and glazes, drop-cloth, rags and brushes.

For this project I used only Benjamin Moore latex paints, Zinsser water based glaze, artist's brushes, cotton rags and sea sponge.

The sign on the wall that says "Ahi Ezer" is the name of the yeshiva. The white pieces in the black crevices of the wall are the paper notes people insert in the real wall, with their prayers and requests to G-d.

I have never been to Israel. I hope to see the real wall one day in person.


  1. Malka, this is amazing! I love this post outlining how you go about it. I would be crippled by the thought of painting directly on the wall. You're wildly talented!

    And I just came from Rubin's and left a message to you and Jenn there... "And I’ve been caught up in the outside world, with no visits, but it’s so joyful to visit my faves… and here too are Jenn and Malka amongst my faves. Thanks all you guys for your continued support even when I drop off!!" You, Jenn and Rubin are the best. Thank you~

  2. Hey, hey!
    I'm just a lame, lame blogger...I'm not good at keeping up especially with those loyal it ADD, but I get so distracted. Not an excuse, but I'm thinking of you and always visiting.

    Anyway, just found your map at Amazing. What a cool project! Been busy, but not as busy as you...working on some promo pieces and a story line. Had a small show up in a teeny, tiny gallery, now I need to look bigger. I can't wait to see your wall! More later. xoxo, p

  3. Beautiful work! I love the idea of Kotel, I pained it many times, different ways.


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