Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello Dear friends!

Hope everyone is getting ready for sizzling summer. :)

So this is what I have been working on for the past weeks, with breaks.
Graduation gifts for my kid's teachers.
Daycare called Keshet (meaning rainbow in Hebrew) has been like my family here.
My kids went there since they were babies. Since all of my husband's and my relatives live across the ocean it is very uplifting to have such meaningful relationships like I have created with Keshet's loving and caring staff.
My children graduated there from the UPK class. last year my son and this year my daughter.

I made this drawing of a hand (Jewish Hamsa) for them, for protection from Ayin Hara (evil eye).
I included Blessing for Business in Hebrew to bless their establishment, so it continues to strive, while offering loving and cozy environment for the lil' ones, from newborns to UPK.
I also made individual copies of another design (below the Keshet design) for the teachers with their names written inside each one in Medusa script.
Medusa script is one of my most favorite. It is an Art Nuveau script which reminds me of my countryman and favorite artist, Alfons Mucha.
('Morah' means teacher in Hebrew), and there are blessings in Hebrew above each finger of the hand. From left to right: Parnassah (livelihood), Ahava (love), Emuna (faith), Shalom (peace), Briut (health).

However, I have to admit I made a mistake I yet have to correct.
Bellow each name are two Hebrew letters, hey and yud. As I was drawing till late hours, I didn't realize, I meant to write chet and yud, which means Life. Yet to be corrected...

ART FORWARD  projects that I owe to my dear followers since March ..( :/ ) will be my next thing to work on, while I am finishing up a map of a place very dear to my heart for They Draw & Travel.

Stay tuned! :)


  1. These are beautiful! What lovely gifts!

  2. Howdy! I remember following your blog right before I fell off the face of the earth! I've climbed back up and now I'm all caught up, shame about missing the art forward though.. :P

    I'm sure the teachers will love these :)

  3. These are all around great. The shape, the tiny details, the lettering. Really nice work.

    They remind me of Mucha too.

  4. The marshmallows are doing fine and should be popping back up soon because I got an idea for a drawing with them :)

    I'd love to do an art exchange with you! Whenever you'd like, in case you're busy finishing those you first mentioned ;)

  5. I've thought and thought and the answer has come quite clearly to me: could you make me a giraffe for our art exchange? =D

    And whatever you would like in return, as long as it's not something scary that I can't for the life of me draw, I will gladly get to work on :)

  6. You're going to have to make a new post before I completely take over the comments of this one =D

    But a Queen it is! I'll get work on it just as soon as I'm sure of a good idea, can't be just any old Queen you know.

    Good luck with the theydrawandtravel contest, and you're right, your friend's work is amazing!

  7. Stunning! You have such a ways of balance and mystery, just lovely!


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